Control at your Fingertips


With over 30 years’ experience in the controls and design industry as both end users, designers and engineers we have experience of what constitutes “a useful control interface”. We have designed the graphical “helm” for two of Europe’s largest Trend BMS systems and then sat at them, steering the systems in an energy management and facilities maintenance role. We have an appreciation for multi-site control over Autodialled, GSM and WAN connection. We take a control system and deliver a user friendly and intuitive control interface which can defeat the trawling through page after page of information and get you what you want… when you need it.


We’re all about the idea. We’ve got a defined way of working that allows us to share our ideas with our clients. We work on paper and we don’t do the polished visual approach (at least not to start with). We are here to generate ideas and directions for integration projects, not just to make things look nice.


We like to get everyone involved. The more people that contribute to the ideas stage of a project, the more ideas you get for your budget and the more cohesive the end product is. You don’t have to be ‘a creative’ to have an idea or to see potential which creates direction.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the leeds office to see how we can help you.

Just logged into Leeds Radisson with remote for first time, just a quick line to say I’m loving the graphics, with graphics like this you make the job of the BMS stakeholder so much easier!.

Mark Walker
Director & Visionary, Global Associates Ltd