We specialise in BMS interfacing and have coined and developed smart buildings interface, allowing multi floored, multi tenanted control over individual zone control. Think remote and automated, self-servicing systems.


Energy monitoring and analysis 

Analysis provided by one of the UK’s leading energy visionaries.

Energy Dashboards tailored like a suit, to fit your needs. Exception reporting and monthly or annual reporting to meet your requirement.


BMS Graphics.

BCD Produce Trend 963 / iQVision and Niagara graphics to the highest standard for the country’s biggest and best system integrator. We specialise in Bureau Systems and High End residential, “Front Ends”, creating cohesion where it’s needed most. Taking BMS to the Next dimension; ask to see our Vision-Ar and [V-iQ] products.


NewLeaf-Freebird (fly through the cloud) 

Home to your energy steering wheel. We’ll host your Energy system in the managed on-site server platform built & managed by Newleaf, we are on-line, fire-walled up and prepared for disaster. Dealing with the systems in house gives us massive flexibility, as we see it, an advantage over data centre hosted systems. However, we can host on a cloud platform if circumstances deem it necessary.

In an attempt to service our “Partner” customers we have Server cluster running in the cloud with Niagara4 platform and 963 Server platforms. Our “Freebird Products” are offering the end user a reduced rate supervisor, hosted on the web, I-Phone* compatible (*N4 only). Any number of applications are possible on the cloud. Energy monitoring, Seasonal commissioning, remote BMS diagnostics, Remote re-commissioning and simply Just turn up your heating, all on your smart device.


“BMS, Invigoration, rehabilitation and rejuvenation”.